HEA symposium "High entropy and compositionally complex alloys" at DPG Spring Meeting 2019 in Regensburg

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HEA symposium "High entropy and compositionally complex alloys" at DPG Spring Meeting 2019 in Regensburg

  • Start: Mar 31, 2019 00:00
  • End: Apr 5, 2019 00:00
  • Location: 93040 Regensburg, Universitätsstraße 31, Universität Regensburg
  • Host: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V.

Symposium MM: High entropy and compositionally complex alloys

The design of new alloys is flourishing since the introduction of high entropy alloys (HEAs). In this concept, alloys consist of a high concentration of multi principal elements offering vast composition ranges to develop novel materials with unexpected properties. In contrast to the original idea to exclusively create highly supersaturated solid solutions, most alloys turn out to be comprised of multiple phases, summarizing them under the name compositionally complex alloys (CCAs). The compositional complexity of HEAs and CCAs opens an enormous space for the discovery of new materials and raises intriguing questions on how to characterize such materials from the atomistic scale to their properties. This not only requires the development of new high throughput synthesis techniques, but also new theoretical approaches to predict the impact of compositional complexity on basic physical properties. The symposium is focused to address fundamental aspects in HEAs and CCAs ranging from new theoretical concepts to emerging characterization techniques and property evaluation.

More specifically, we invite submissions addressing:

  • Development of advanced theoretical concepts and simulations to describe fundamental physical properties of HEAs and CCAs.
  • Theoretical predictions and experimental characterization techniques of short and long range order and their effect on properties.
  • Computational and experimental high throughput techniques for screening the vast composition spaces to efficiently identify promising compositions.
  • Experimental and theoretical descriptions of phase stability, formation and transformations.
  • Defects, kinetic mechanisms and diffusion.
  • Advanced microstructure characterization with a focus on high spatial and compositional resolution as well as in situ techniques.
  • Evaluation of mechanical properties and their temperature dependence including small scale mechanical testing.
  • Extension of the HEA concept for the development of novel functional materials and nanomaterials.

We welcome abstracts.

The abstract submission deadline is Dcember 1st 2018 23:59 CET

The following link provides all relevant information on deadlines, abstract submission and other information.

Dates and Deadlines Regensburg 19

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