Other publications

Other publications

The MPIE has been conducting research for over 100 years now. Take a look at selected research projects.

Insight into the frontiers of materials science via podcast [more]
Read our articles in the "Max Planck Research Science Magazine" of the Max Planck Society. [more]
Here you can download the MPIE contributions to the annual yearbook of the Max Planck Society (full texts are only available in German). In its yearbook the Max Planck Society renders account for the scientific research performed at its institutes. The yearbook includes among other things, scientific research reports from all the Max Planck facilities.

Selected research projects are presented here. They were published in the journal "stahl und eisen" during the 100-years celebrations of the Institute 2017. The full articles are only available in German. The respective contact persons can give you further information though. [more]

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