Best Poster Award for Dr. Mira Todorova

July 26, 2013

Dr. Mira Todorova, project leader in the department “Computational Materials Design”, won the Best Poster Award at the CALPHAD XLII Conference held in May 2013 in San Sebastian, Spain. The poster entitled “Electrochemical Pourbaix phase diagrams from ab initio calculations” presents the result of methodological developments carried out by Dr. Todorova and Prof. Neugebauer. This work combines two, so far, largely disjoint fields – the physics of semiconductors, as it relates to the area of modern optoelectronic devices (LEDs for energy efficient illumination or laser diodes for, e.g., Blu-ray players), with electrochemistry (batteries, corrosion, etc.), on a very fundamental level. This opens the door to a completely new level of comprehension and design opportunities for such processes.

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