Save the date May 28: MPIE Alumni Meeting 2014

February 07, 2014

Iron Research – Applied fundamental research for nearly 100 years


Working at the MPIE has significantly influenced the career of many scientists. Over the years, a considerable number of employees has worked at the institute in various fields and departments. To encourage a lively exchange among the former institute members, the alumni network has been established in our institute.

Good news: The next alumni meeting is just around the corner!

We therefore invite all former employees of the MPIE to participate!

Program information:

Experience the impressive changes the MPIE has gone through since ‘back then’. We will guide you through our new laboratories. Besides exciting scientific presentations, you will have the chance to discuss new research topics and meet friends and colleagues.


1.30 - 2.00 pm     Welcome: Registration and Coffee

2.00 - 2.30 pm     Opening: Prof. Dr. Dierk Raabe (MPIE)

2.30 - 3.00 pm     Talk 1: International MPIE Alumni

3.00 - 3.30 pm     Talk 2: International MPIE Alumni

3.30 - 4.00 pm     Coffee break

4.00 - 4.30 pm     Talk 3: Guest speaker

4.30 - 5.00 pm     Talk 4: Guest speaker

5.00 - 5.30 pm     Talk 5: Guest speaker

5.30 - 6.00 pm     Outlook: Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann

6.00 - 9.00 pm   Get-Together & Buffet

7.00 - 10.00 pm     Lab Tours

You are wondering why no speakers are named? Don’t worry – the speakers are already fixed but are supposed to be a surprise. Titles of the talks will follow soon.


Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Max-Planck-Straße 1, 40237 Düsseldorf

More information and online registration are available at:


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