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International Max Planck Research School for Sustainable Metallurgy - from Fundamentals to Engineering Materials

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📅 Date: August 22, 2024
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The IMPRS SusMet is a structured three-year doctoral program conducted entirely in English. It provides a unique combination of excellent research conditions plus an intensive and interdisciplinary teaching program.

The research focuses on the exploration of carbon-free sustainable metallurgy, employing hydrogen as reducing agent, direct electroreduction (electrolysis) and plasma synthesis. Correlated experimental, ab initio and multi-scale techniques are central to our mission. In this context all projects within the program are interdisciplinary - material scientists, chemists, physicists, and engineers work together.

The school is a cooperative effort from two Max Planck Institutes and two universities all located in North Rhine-Westphalia in the west of Germany.

After the successful completion the doctoral degree is conferred by one of the partner universities. In addition, the graduates receive a certificate by the IMPRS SusMet.

The IMPRS SusMet starts in January 2022. It is the follow-up school of the IMPRS for Interface Controlled Materials for Energy Conversion (IMPRS-SurMat). This ends as planned after 18 years in December 2021.


"Being part of SurMat is a great chance to meet talented and interesting people, I am really proud of it." - Dr. Qi Fu, Alumnus IMPRS-SurMat



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