Publikationen von Marc Legros

Zeitschriftenartikel (6)

Wei, Y.; Peng, Z.; Kühbach, M.; Breen, A. J.; Legros, M.; Larranaga, M.; Mompiou, F.; Gault, B.: 3D nanostructural characterisation of grain boundaries in atom probe data utilising machine learning methods. PLoS One 14 (11), e0225041 (2019)
Oh, S. H.; Legros, M.; Kiener, D.; Dehm, G.: In situ observation of dislocation nucleation and escape in a submicrometre aluminium single crystal. Nature Materials 8 (2), S. 95 - 100 (2009)
Dehm, G.; Oh, S. H.; Gruber, P. A.; Legros, M.; Fischer, F. D.: Strain compensation by twinning in Au thin films: Experiment and model. Acta Materialia 55 (19), S. 6659 - 6665 (2007)
Oh, S. H.; Legros, M.; Kiener, D.; Gruber, P. A.; Dehm, G.: In situ TEM straining of single crystal Au films on polyimide: Change of deformation mechanisms at the nanoscale. Acta Materialia 55 (16), S. 5558 - 5571 (2007)
Legros, M.; Kaouache, B.; Gergaud, P.; Thomas, O.; Dehm, G.; Balk, T. J.; Arzt, E.: Pipe-diffusion ripening of Si precipitates in Al-0.5% Cu-1%Si thin films. Philosophical Magazine 85 (30), S. 3541 - 3552 (2005)
Legros, M.; Dehm, G.; Keller-Flaig, R.-M.; Arzt, E.; Hemker, K. J.; Süresh, S.: Dynamic observation of Al thin films plastically strained in a TEM. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 309-310, S. 463 - 467 (2001)

Buchkapitel (1)

Dehm, G.; Legros, M.; Kiener, D.: In-situ TEM Straining Experiments: Recent Progress in Stages and Small-Scale Mechanics. In: In-situ Electron Microscopy: SEM and TEM Applications in Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science, S. 227 - 254 (Hg. Dehm, G.). Wiley VCH Verlag, Weinheim, Germany (2012)

Konferenzbeitrag (5)

Oh, S. H.; Legros, M.; Kiener, D.; Gruber, P. A.; Dehm, G.: Size-Induced Transition from Perfect to Partial Dislocation Plasticity in Single Crystal Au Films on Polyimide. In: Proceeding Microscopy 33rd Conference, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie, S. 278 - 279. Microscopy 33rd Conference, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie, Saarbrücken, Germany, 02. September 2007 - 07. September 2007. (2007)
Dehm, G.; Legros, M.; Heiland, B.: In-situ TEM straining experiments of Al films on polyimide using a novel FIB design for specimen preparation. 10th Meeting on Frontiers of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 25. September 2005 - 30. September 2005. Journal of Materials Science 41 (14), S. 4484 - 4489 (2006)
Oh, S. H.; Kiener, D.; Legros, M.; Gruber, P. A.; Arzt, E.; Dehm, G.: In-situ TEM tensile testing of thin Au films: A transition in deformation mechanism. Meeting at Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Leoben, Austria., (2006)
Legros, M.; Dehm, G.; Balk, T. J.: In-Situ TEM Study of Plastic Stress Relaxation Mechanisms and Interface Effects in Metallic Films. In: MRS Proceedings, Bd. 875. 2005 MRS Spring Meeting. (2005)
Legros, M.; Dehm, G.; Balk, T. J.; Arzt, E.; Bostrom, J. R. O.; Gergaud, P.; Thomas, O.; Kaouache, B.: Plasticity - related phenomena in metallic films on substrates. In: Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, Bd. 779, S. 63 - 74. Materials Research Society Symposium W – Multiscale Phenomena in Materials - Experiments and Modeling Related to Mechanical Behavior, San Francisco, CA, USA, 22. April 2003 - 24. April 2003. (2003)
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