Publikationen von Olivier Thomas

Zeitschriftenartikel (7)

Richard, M.-I.; Cornelius, T. W.; Lauraux, F.; Molin, J.-B.; Kirchlechner, C.; Leake, S. J.; Carnis, J.; Schülli, T. U.; Thilly, L.; Thomas, O.: Variable-Wavelength Quick Scanning Nanofocused X-Ray Microscopy for In Situ Strain and Tilt Mapping. Small 16 (6), 1905990 (2020)
Davydok, A.; Cornelius, T. W.; Mocuta, C.; Lima, E. C.; Araújo, E. B.; Thomas, O.: In situ X-ray diffraction studies on the piezoelectric response of PZT thin films. Thin Solid Films 603, S. 29 - 33 (2016)
Vaxelaire, N.; Labat, S.; Cornelius, T. W.; Kirchlechner, C.; Kečkéš, J.; Schulli, T. U.; Thomas, O.: New insights into single-grain mechanical behavior from temperature-dependent 3-D coherent X-ray diffraction. Acta Materialia 78, S. 46 - 55 (2014)
Kirchlechner, C.; Kiener, D.; Motz, C.; Labat, S.; Vaxelaire, N.; Perroud, O.; Micha, J.-S.; Ulrich, O.; Thomas, O.; Dehm, G. et al.; Kečkéš, J.: Dislocation storage in single slip-oriented Cu micro-tensile samples: New insights via X-ray microdiffraction. Philosophical Magazine 91 (7-9), S. 1256 - 1264 (2011)
Vaxelaire, N.; Proudhon, H.; Labat, S.; Kirchlechner, C.; Kečkéš, J.; Jacques, V.; Ravy, S.; Forest, S.; Thomas, O.: Methodology for studying strain inhomogeneities in polycrystalline thin films during in situ thermal loading using coherent x-ray diffraction. New Journal of Physics 12, 035018, S. 1 - 12 (2010)
Vaxelaire, N.; Labat, S.; Chamard, V.; Thomas, O.; Jacques, V.; Picca, F. E.; Ravy, S.; Kirchlechner, C.; Kečkéš, J.: 3D strain imaging in sub-micrometer crystals using cross-reciprocal space measurements: Numerical feasibility and experimental methodology. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 268 (3-4), S. 388 - 393 (2010)
Legros, M.; Kaouache, B.; Gergaud, P.; Thomas, O.; Dehm, G.; Balk, T. J.; Arzt, E.: Pipe-diffusion ripening of Si precipitates in Al-0.5% Cu-1%Si thin films. Philosophical Magazine 85 (30), S. 3541 - 3552 (2005)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Legros, M.; Dehm, G.; Balk, T. J.; Arzt, E.; Bostrom, J. R. O.; Gergaud, P.; Thomas, O.; Kaouache, B.: Plasticity - related phenomena in metallic films on substrates. In: Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, Bd. 779, S. 63 - 74. Materials Research Society Symposium W – Multiscale Phenomena in Materials - Experiments and Modeling Related to Mechanical Behavior, San Francisco, CA, USA, 22. April 2003 - 24. April 2003. (2003)

Vortrag (1)

Pizzagalli, L.; Dehm, G.; Thomas, O.: Structure and dynamics V: Mechanical properties at small scales. Condensed Matter in Paris: Mini-colloquium 32, Paris, France (2014)

Sonstige (2)

Pizzagalli, L.; Dehm, G.; Thomas, O.: DPG Frühjahrstagung: Topical session (EPS & AGMM): Mechanical Properties at Small Scales (Organization). (2019)
Kirchlechner, C.; Imrich, P. J.; Grosinger, W.; Kapp, M. W.; Kečkéš, J.; Micha, J.-S.; Ulrich, O.; Thomas, O.; Labat, S.; Motz, C. et al.; Dehm, G.: Expected and unexpected plastic behavior at the micron scale: An in situ µLaue tensile study, Acta Materialia 60, S. 1252 - 1258 (2012)
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