Publikationen von Johann Michler

Zeitschriftenartikel (4)

Mieszala, M.; Hasegawa, M.; Guillonneau, G.; Bauer, J.; Raghavan, R.; Frantz, C.; Kraft, O.; Mischler, S.; Michler, J.; Philippe, L.: Micromechanics of Amorphous Metal/Polymer Hybrid Structures with 3D Cellular Architectures: Size Effects, Buckling Behavior, and Energy Absorption Capability. Small 13 (8), UNSP 1602514 (2017)
Schwiedrzik, J.; Raghavan, R.; Rüggeberg, M.; Hansen, S.; Wehrs, J.; Adusumalli, R. B.; Zimmermann, T.; Michler, J.: Identification of polymer matrix yield stress in the wood cell wall based on micropillar compression and micromechanical modelling. Philosophical Magazine 96 (32-34), S. 3461 - 3478 (2016)
Mieszala, M.; Guillonneau, G.; Hasegawa, M.; Raghavan, R.; Wheeler, J. M.; Mischler, S.; Michler, J.; Philippe, L.: Orientation-dependent mechanical behaviour of electrodeposited copper with nanoscale twins. Nanoscale 8 (35), S. 15999 - 16004 (2016)
Wheeler, J. M.; Niederberger, C.; Raghavan, R.; Thompson, G. B.; Weaver, M. L.; Michler, J.: Elevated Temperature, In Situ Micromechanical Characterization of a High Temperature Ternary Shape Memory Alloy. JOM-Journal of the Minerals Metals & Materials Society 67 (12), S. 2908 - 2913 (2015)
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