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Vortragender: Dr. Ümit Güder, Vivek Devulapalli, Barbara Bellon

Pint of Science, 17th May

Pint of Science
MPIE at the “PintofScience” Düsseldorf From iron in the blade of the Sultans to materials' stressful life and kitchen tiles: Our "material detectives" Ümit Güder, Vivek Devulapalli and Bárbara Bellón Lara will introduce their research to you. 17 May 2021 6.00 pm Ümit: Following the fingerprints of ancient blacksmiths: reverse engineering of archaeological iron 7.00 pm Vivek: Similarities between world map, kitchen tiles and metals 8.00 pm Barbara: The stressful life of materials Save the date, share the news and join us: No registration required. The event takes place via zoom. [mehr]
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