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    Weller, M.; Clemens, H.; Haneczok, G.; Dehm, G.; Bartels, A.; Bystrzanowski, S.; Gerling, R. W.; Arzt, E.: Mechanical Spectroscopy of a High Nb Containing γ-TiAl Based Alloy with Near Gamma and Fully Lamellar Microstructure. Philosophical Magazine Letters 84 (6), S. 383 - 393 (2004)

Konferenzbeitrag (2)

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    Weller, M.; Clemens, H.; Dehm, G.; Haneczok, G.; Bystrzanowski, S.; Bartels, A.; Gerling, R. W.; Arzt, E.: Internal Friction of a High-Nb Gamma-TiAl-Based Alloy with Different Microstructures. In: MRS Symposium S – Integrative and Interdisciplinary Aspects of Intermetallics, Bd. 842, S7.13, S. 127 - 132 (Hg. Mills, M.J.; Clemens , H.; Fu, C.-L.; Inui, H.). 2004 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA, 29. November 2004 - 01. Dezember 2004. (2005)
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    Bystrzanowski, S.; Bartels, A.; Clemens, H.; Gerling, R. W.; Schimansky, F. P.; Kestler, H.; Dehm, G.; Haneczok, G.; Weller, M.: Creep of Creep γ-TiAl Sheet Material with a High Niobium Content. In: Gamma Titanium Aluminides 2003, S. 431 - 436 (Hg. Kim , Y.-W.; Clemens , H.; Rosenberger, A. H.). Gamma Titanium Aluminides 2003, San Diego, CA, USA, 02. März 2003 - 06. März 2003. TMS, Warrendale, PA, US (2003)
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