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    Jaya, B. N.; Hoffmann, R.; Kirchlechner, C.; Dehm, G.; Scheu, C.; Langer, G.: Coccospheres confer mechanical protection: New evidence for an old hypothesis. Acta Biomaterialia 42, S. 258 - 264 (2016)
  2. 2.
    Hoffmann, R.; Kirchlechner, C.; Langer, G.; Wochnik, A. S.; Griesshaber, E.; Schmahl, W. W.; Scheu, C.: Insight into Emiliania huxleyi coccospheres by focused ion beam sectioning. Biogeosciences 12 (12), S. 825 - 834 (2015)

Poster (1)

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    Zhang, S.; Li, T.; Gault, B.; Hufnagel, A.; Hoffmann, R.; Harzer, T.; Breitbach, B.; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, D.; Bein, T.; Scheu, C.: Mapping of Sn dopant in hematite photoanodes by STEM-EELS and atom probe tomography. EDGE 2017: Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons, 8th International Workshop on Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Related Techniques, Okuma, Okinawa, Japan (2017)
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