Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Niu, F.; Schulz, R.; Castañeda Medina, A.; Schmid, R.; Erbe, A.: Electrode potential dependent desolvation and resolvation of germanium(100) in contact with aqueous perchlorate electrolytes. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (21), S. 13585 - 13595 (2017)
Boussinot, G.; Schulz, R.; Hüter, C.; Brener, E. A.; Spatschek, R. P.: Elastic and plastic effects on heterogeneous nucleation and nanowire formation. European Physical Journal-Special Topics 223 (3), S. 527 - 543 (2014)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Pengel, S.; Niu, F.; Nayak, S.; Tecklenburg, S.; Chen, Y.-H.; Ebbinghaus, P.; Schulz, R.; Yang, L.; Biedermann, P. U.; Gygi, F. et al.; Schmid, R.; Galli, G.; Wippermann, S. M.; Erbe, A.: Oxygen reduction and water at the semiconductor/solution interface probed by stationary and time-resolved ATR-IR spectroscopy coupled to electrochemical experiments and DFT calculations. In: Program of the 8th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICAVS) – Oral Abstracts, S. 130 - 131 (Hg. Lendl, B.; Koch, C.; Kraft, M.; Ofner, J.; Ramer, G.). 8th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICAVS), Vienna, Austria, 12. Juli 2015 - 17. Juli 2015. (2015)

Poster (1)

Schulz, R.; Spatschek, R.: Modeling of pin-tree nanowires. Frühjahrstagung der DPG, Dresden, Germany (2011)

Hochschulschrift - Master (1)

Hochschulschrift - Master
Schulz, R.: Mesoskalen-Modellierung von pine tree nanowires. Master, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany (2012)
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