Publikationen von Gabor Milassin

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Putz, B.; Wurster, S.; Edwards, T. E. J.; Völker, B.; Milassin, G.; Többens, D. M.; Semprimoschnig, C. O.A.; Cordill, M. J.: Mechanical and optical degradation of flexible optical solar reflectors during simulated low earth orbit thermal cycling. Acta Astronautica 175, S. 277 - 289 (2020)
Putz, B.; Milassin, G.; Butenko, Y. V.; Völker, B.; Gammer, C.; Semprimoschnig, C. O.A.; Cordill, M. J.: Interfacial mutations in the Al-polyimide system. Surface and Interface Analysis 50 (5), S. 579 - 586 (2018)
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