Publikationen von Jaye K. Harada

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Kristiansen, K.; Stock, P.; Baimpos, T.; Raman, S.; Harada, J. K.; Israelachvili, J. N.; Valtiner, M.: Influence of molecular dipole orientations on long-range exponential interaction forces at hydrophobic contacts in aqueous solutions. ACS Nano 8 (10), S. 10870 - 10877 (2014)
Donaldson Jr., S. H.; Valtiner, M.; Gebbie, M. A.; Harada, J. K.; Israelachvili, J. N.: Interactions and visualization of bio-mimetic membrane detachment at smooth and nano-rough gold electrode surfaces. Soft Matter 9 (21), S. 5231 - 5238 (2013)
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