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Zeitschriftenartikel (10)

Best, J. P.; Nomoto, K.; Yang, F.; Li, B.; Stolpe, M.; Zeng, L.; Evenson, Z.; Hugenschmidt, C.; Li, X.; Ringer, S. P. et al.; Kruzic, J. J.: Advanced structural analysis of a laser additive manufactured Zr-based bulk metallic glass along the build height. Journal of Materials Science 57, S. 9678 - 9692 (2022)
Wallace, N. D.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Breen, A. J.; Ringer, S. P.: On the retrieval of crystallographic information from atom probe microscopy data via signal mapping from the detector coordinate space. Ultramicroscopy 189, S. 65 - 75 (2018)
Nomoto, K.; Yang, T. C. J.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Zhang, T.; Lin, Z.; Breen, A. J.; Wu, L.; Puthen-Veettil, B.; Jia, X.; Conibeer, G. J. et al.; van Perez-Wurfl, I.; Ringer, S. P.: Microstructure analysis of silicon nanocrystals formed from silicon rich oxide with high excess silicon: Annealing and doping effects. Journal of Applied Physics 122 (2), 025102, S. 1 - 9 (2017)
Gault, B.; Cui, X. Y.; Moody, M. P.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Breen, A. J.; Marceau, R. K. W.; Ringer, S. P.: A nexus between 3D atomistic data hybrids derived from atom probe microscopy and computational materials science: A new analysis of solute clustering in Al-alloys. Scripta Materialia 131, S. 93 - 97 (2017)
Hono, K.; Raabe, D.; Ringer, S. P.; Seidman, D. N.: Atom probe tomography of metallic nanostructures. MRS Bulletin 41 (1), S. 23 - 29 (2016)
Cairney, J. M.; Rajan, K. K.; Haley, D.; Gault, B.; Bagot, P. A. J.; Choi, P.-P.; Felfer, P. J.; Ringer, S. P.; Marceau, R. K. W.; Moody, M. P.: Mining information from atom probe data. Ultramicroscopy 159, S. 324 - 337 (2015)
Marceau, R. K. W.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Breen, A. J.; Raabe, D.; Ringer, S. P.: Quantitative chemical-structure evaluation using atom probe tomography: Short-range order analysis of Fe–Al. Ultramicroscopy 157, S. 12 - 20 (2015)
Marceau, R. K. W.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Breen, A. J.; Palm, M.; Stein, F.; Ringer, S. P.; Raabe, D.: Atom probe tomography investigation of heterogeneous short-range ordering in the ‘komplex’ phase state (K-state) of Fe–18Al (at.%). Intermetallics 64, S. 23 - 31 (2015)
Marceau, R. K. W.; de Vaucorbeil, A.; Sha, G.; Ringer, S. P.; Poole, W. J.: Analysis of strengthening in AA6111 during the early stages of aging: Atom probe tomography and yield stress modelling. Acta Materialia 61 (19), S. 7285 - 7303 (2013)
Ceguerra, A. V.; Breen, A. J.; Stephenson, L.; Felfer, P. J.; Araullo-Peters, V. J.; Liddicoat, P. V.; Cui, X. Y.; Yao, L.; Haley, D.; Moody, M. P. et al.; Gault, B.; Cairney, J. M.; Ringer, S. P.: The rise of computational techniques in atom probe microscopy. Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 17 (5), S. 224 - 235 (2013)

Vortrag (1)

Marceau, R. K. W.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Breen, A. J.; Palm, M.; Stein, F.; Ringer, S. P.; Raabe, D.: Quantitative Chemical-Structure Evaluation using Atom Probe Tomography - Short-Range Order Analysis of Fe–Al. International Conference on Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials (PTM 2015), Whistler, BC, Canada (2015)

Poster (1)

Marceau, R. K. W.; Ceguerra, A. V.; Palm, M.; Stein, F.; Ringer, S. P.; Raabe, D.: Atom Probe Tomography Investigation of the K-state and Short-Range Ordering in Fe–18Al (at.%). EUROMAT 2013, Sevilla, Spain (2013)
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