Prof. Oana Cojocaru-Mirédin

Ehemalige Mitarbeiterin
Abteilung Mikrostrukturphysik und Legierungsdesign
+49 761/203-67 637


-Atom Probe Tomography
-Thin-film and bulk solar cells
-Microelectronic devices such as CMOS transistors
-Thermoelectric materials
-Light trap devices


2022: Professorship
Cross-scale Material Characterization (CMC), University of Freiburg; Guest Scientist RWTH Aachen
2004-2006 : Master Degree in Physics at Rouen University (France)
2006-2009 : PhD in Physics at Rouen University (France),« Groupe Physique des Matériaux » UMR 6634 CNRS
Title : « Boron precipitation in high doped silicon, boron and platinum redistribution during the reactive diffusion in nickel/silicon thin films »
PhD directors : Prof. D. Blavette and Dr. D. Mangelinck


2006-2009: Teaching assistant at Rouen University.
2009-2013: Postdoc at Max Planck Institut für Eisenforshung GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Since 2013: Head of Interface Design in Solar Cells group at Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Awards and Honors

2006: Best-Poster Award, « Influence of natural ageing and copper content on the early stages of precipitation in Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys » at « The 51th International Field Emission Symposium »-IFES (China).

2011: Best paper Award at PVSEC-21 (Japan)
2013: BMBF-funded Research Group Leader.
2013: national Ernst-Haage Preis for research excellence in energy conversion

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