Publikationen von Andreas Siegfried Ziegler

Vortrag (15)

Hild, S.; Huemer, K.; Seidl, B.; Ziegler, A. S.; Fabritius, H.-O.; Raabe, D.: Crustacean cuticle: An example to study the influence of chemical composition and microstructure on the mechanical properties of hierarchically structured biological composite materials. Workshop Prospects in BIONIC, Leoben, Austria (2010)
Hild, S.; Huemer, K.; Ziegler, A. S.; Ruangchai, S.; Seidl, B.; Raabe, D.; Fabritius, H.-O.: Chemical Imaging of Heterogeneous Materials: Allocation of Organic and Inorganic Components in Biomaterials. 1. Raman-Workshop Linz, Linz, Austria (2010)

Poster (1)

Huber, J.; Ziegler, A. S.; Fabritius, H.-O.; Griesshaber-Schmahl, E.: Be inspired by isopod cuticle: Unusual cuticle organisation and mechanical properties within the incisive edge of the mandibles in two Crustacean species. EURO BioMAT Conference, Weimar, Germany (2013)
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