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March 13rd MPIE Colloquium: Unconventional Tools for Constructing Tunneling Junctions from Self-Assembled Monolayers

  23-02-12 09:28

Constructing Tunneling Junctions from Self-Assembled Monolayers

The speaker is (on invitation of Dr. M. Rohwerder/Prof. M. Stratmann)

Prof. R.C. Chiechi
Stratingh Institute for Chemistry and Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials
University of Groningen, The Netherlands



Despite remarkable advancements in the theory and spectroscopy, and the myriad tools for measuring tunneling currents through molecules, a central problem in the field of Molecular Electronics is the lack of robust, generalizable, scalable methods for leveraging self-assembly to construct devices. In this talk I will discuss two methods for using self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) to define the smallest dimension of tunneling-based devices; eutectic Ga-In (EGaIn) and Nanoskiving. EGaIn is a non-Newtonian liquid alloy with the remarkable ability to retain tapered structures simply by stretching it between to surfaces. These tapered structures can then be used to form reversible, non-damaging micron-sized contacts to SAMs of a variety of different types of molecules. Such a tip is pictured in the top figure, along with a cartoon of a tunneling junction and the J/V curves of three SAMs for which the conjugation pattern is shown to affect the tunneling probability via quantum interference. Pictured below are three different nano-gap electrodes fabricated by Nanoskiving, an emerging nanofabrication technique based on edge lithography. These electrodes are formed by separating two thin films of gold by a SAM and then slicing them using a diamond knife (Nanoskiving) to produce addressable structures that are millimeters long and separated by ~2 nm. They are electrically continuous and the separation of the electrodes can be controlled with sub-nanometer resolution without a clean room or any photo or e-beam lithography.


Tuesday, March 13rd

5 pm


Sitzungssaal 1

Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 1, 40237 Düsseldorf