Group Leader

Robert Spatschek
Phone: +49-2461-61-4470

Mesoscale Simulations

Mesoscale Simulations

The research objective of the Mesoscale Simulation Group is to develop and predict the pattern formation aspects related to materials science. This includes activities on solidification in multicomponent alloys, kinetics of phase transformations, dislocations and cracks, friction, and the modeling of polycrystalline materials.

The research in the group “Mesoscale simulations” is devoted to the understanding of phenomena appearing on dimensions between the atomic and continuum scales. As a generic feature the appearing microstructures intrinsically connect these scales, thus requiring an understanding on a vast range and naturally connecting the investigations to the other groups within the department and institute. The goal is to obtain a thorough understanding of the dynamical processes during these processes, which typically take place on time- and lengthscales which are much larger than characteristic atomistic scales. In the group various computational and analytical techniques are used, which are particularly tailored to the different applications. The further development and improvement of models and simulation techniques is also an important activity of the group.

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